Social housing: President Gibbs satisfied with renovation work


During the visit last Sunday of the General Manager of Caisse des Dépôts, Eric Lombard, the President of the Community, Daniel Gibbs considered that this visit to Saint-Martin was very positive and very important. Minute interview with President Daniel Gibbs during a site visit.

Faxinfo: How do you estimate this visit?

President Daniel Gibbs: Caisse des Dépôts is a partner on the Semsamar tool, it was important that he be there to show him the evolution of the reconstruction, but also what there are as future projects in the territory. Because it is not enough to have projects, it is also necessary to have funding. It was interesting to be able to show an overall plan and not just just a separate operation. Today, the General Manager is well aware of the Saint-Martin project, but also of all the beautiful things that can be done in partnership with Caisse des Dépôts.

Faxinfo: What is your opinion on the progress of work on social housing?

President Daniel Gibbs: The sites have progressed well, even if on some, there are still some problems, in particular of accessibility, compared to structures which were added on existing buildings. But overall, what we have seen is that all the reinforcement structures, roofs, waterproofing have been redone. What is less pleasant at the moment is the paint that has not been redone, but the Semsamar preferred to act on consolidation, securing, and ensuring that there are no cracks on roofs and water infiltration. Everything has been done for the tenants to be safe. Now we will move on to the facelift, which will give a more attractive visual appearance.

Faxinfo: So satisfied with the site visit and the arrival of Mr. Erice Lombard…

President Daniel Gibbs: Very satisfied with the arrival of Mr. Lombard, because he also had to be given an overview of what is being done and the complexity of the Saint-Martin reconstruction project. Today, we see that the result is convincing and allows products to be released in the good spirit of things. It was not only valid for Semsamar, it was also valid for other donors such as SIG and SIKOA.

Interview by RM


SEMSAMAR has already rehabilitated 90% of the enclosure and the cover of its Saint-Martin heritage, ie 32 million euros invested. These works include, in particular, the roofing framework, exterior and interior joinery, electricity for weak and strong currents and the supply of drinking water. The reconstruction program, decided by the Board of Directors of Semsamar, favored an improved rehabilitation so that the tenants live in safer housing. It should be completed in 2020, with in particular facades of buildings to be repainted.

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