Health Observatory: Louis Jeffry and Arnauld Benet before the courts


Thursday was to appear before the correctional court of Saint-Martin doctor Louis Jeffry. He is accused of illegal taking of interest in his capacity as manager of a company and embezzlement of public funds in his capacity as president of the regional health observatory.

The association of the same name is also prosecuted as a legal person as well as its director, Arnauld Benet, for embezzlement of public funds.

The community of Saint-Martin and the hospital center joined the civil party.

Illegal taking of interest

Louis Jeffry created a company under Dutch law, Health Destination, which signed an agreement in 2013 with the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center to ensure an exclusive service. At the same time, Louis Jeffry practices at the French hospital which also pays him and is vice-president of the executive board. According to French law, it cannot be on both sides.

Health Observatory

The regional health observatory association of Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten benefits from public subsidies, specifically from European funds granted in the Interreg Caribbean program. Almost 500 euros are awarded to him. If the objective of the observatory is specific (create a skills platform, collect health data on both sides of the island, etc.), it will turn out that the funds will be used for other purposes.

Over 200 euros made it possible to settle ineligible expenses for which no invoice or supporting document was provided. Among these expenses: salaries of the president and the director, food, telephone purchases, furniture, etc.

As a legal person, the association is prosecuted for embezzlement of public funds. Louis Jeffry being the president and Arnauld Benet the director, they are prosecuted for the same facts in their respective capacities. They are also accused of not having appointed an auditor as the commercial code stipulates insofar as the association has a commercial activity and employees and receives public funds. (

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