The whole team of the Métimer Association and its members will be installed on the beach of Grand-Case with their equipment and await many of you for a weekend full of adventures, discoveries, walks on and under water. In short, it will vibrate very strongly in a beautiful friendly, family and "nautical" atmosphere. 

From 10 am, the activities will be open to visitors who can jump into the water just for a few tickets sold at the price of "one euro or one dollar" each.

Will be present :

Sea World Explorer underwater vision, scuba diving at Creole Rock by Scuba Fun, the luxury catamarans of Blueway Marine, Saint Martin Yacht Charter, Moorings, Sunsail and Dream Yacht Charter for sea trips, the Arawak racing catamaran - Island Water World, Sun Evasion's Fast 2 motorboat at almost 100 km / h, MP Yachting's motorboat which provides demonstrations, Jet Paradise's jet-skis, Bikini Water Sport for thrilling tours, wake-boarding with Wake & Glide, flyboarding by FriendlyFlyboard and Jet Extrême but also much quieter and quieter activities such as kayaks, paddles, small sailboats, schooners, Hawaiian pyrogues with Fabien from OC4, Wind Adventures and Tous to the O to learn to swim at any age.

Finally, it should be noted that four young champions of Saint-Martin were chosen from among the best competitors in a water sport. Will be present: Thomas with his water skis, Titouan with his surfboard, Théo with his kite surf and Eliott with his windsurf board.

The program : 

Saturday May 28:

• 11:30 am: Water skiing demonstration

• 14 p.m .: Fly Board demonstration

• 15 p.m .: Paddle competitions

• 16 p.m .: Combo breed

• 17 p.m .: Awards

Sunday May 29:

• 11:30 am: Water skiing demonstration

• 13 p.m .: Techno-Splash

• 14:30 am: Wake Board Demonstration

• 15 p.m .: Windsurfing demonstration

• 15:30 am: Paddle Race

• 16:30 am: Awards

The origin of Mother's Day

Each year we celebrate Mother's Day. But by the way, where does this charming party come from?

Every year we celebrate moms. We thank them for the care, protection and love they give us. This tradition is not as old as the world, but has endured for a large number of years ... Celebrating mothers and more generally the family is an idea of ​​Napoleon. It was the first to bring up the idea of ​​an official Mother's Day in the spring of 1806. Initially, the goal was to honor mothers from large families. However, it was not until April 20, 1926, when the first national “Mother's Day” was established.

Over the generations, children of all ages have always attached equal importance to this celebration. What could be more beautiful than saying to your Mum: I love you! _AF

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