Rally-Raid: The adventure continues for Christophe Noyerie at the Rallye de Merzouga!


On his 450 KTM, Christophe Noyerie takes part in the Merzouga Rally (Morocco). A difficult but oh so exciting challenge for the Saint-Martin pilot, the winners in each category having the assurance of being able to enter the Dakar 2016!

Registered in the “motorcycles” category at the Merzouga rally, Christophe Noyerie passed the first two stages of the event without incident. Good news confirmed to us by Sophie, his wife. “During the 1st stage, Christophe finished the race in 29th place, knowing that the first 20 are considered in the community as“ Pros ”!

Stage "2" was more complicated to manage for our pilot from Saint-Martin with more than 200 km of flexible dunes to cross! A test which is very trying for the machine and for the man.

Yesterday morning, Christophe was at the start of the 3rd stage. A stage interrupted at CP2 due to strong gusts of sand winds, no longer ensuring the safety of the race. The pilots therefore joined the bivouac marathon in liaison. _AF

To follow the adventures of Christophe Noyerie, you can consult his facebook page: Saint-Martin Aventure

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