The community is looking for family assistants to welcome children at home


As part of its child protection missions, the community of Saint-Martin is looking for family assistants who can welcome minors at home, from birth to the age of 18. This highly educational and rewarding profession engages the postulant as well as his or her family in a generous life project alongside a multidisciplinary team.

To become a Family Assistant, you are required to present the necessary guarantees to welcome minors at home in conditions suitable to ensure their physical, intellectual and emotional development, to have housing of which the condition, dimensions, and living conditions. he access and the environment make it possible to guarantee the well-being and safety of the minors received, to master oral and written French and to be available to follow the training of family assistant.

The file must be the completed application form, an extract from the criminal record n ​​° 2 of each adult living at the candidate's home and the medical certificate ensuring that the candidate's state of health allows him to take in minors.

The application for approval must be sent to the Chairman of the Territorial Council, Mr. Daniel Gibbs, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or be submitted to the Approval Unit of the Solidarity and Families Delegation, at the Maison des Solidarité de Concordia, 10 rue Mont Carmel. The request is processed by the maternal and child protection service (PMI).

During the examination of the application for approval, an examination of the application file, one or more interviews with the candidate, verification that the candidate has not been the subject of criminal convictions incompatible with the exercise will be carried out. of this profession.

Interviews with the candidate and visits to his home are intended to verify that he meets all the conditions.

If you feel that you have all the conditions and wish to obtain additional information to support a child in his or her life journey, the Collectivité de Saint-Martin invites you to inquire with the Solidarity and Families Delegation, by contacting 0590 87 93 22.


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