The 3rd PPRN meeting could not be held!


More than 250 people were present at the 3rd public meeting on the PPRN organized by the prefecture at the school complex last Wednesday. The prefect recalled the main lines of a natural risk prevention plan and the challenges to revise that of Saint-Martin after Irma. 

“Too many people have lost everything and have found themselves in great financial difficulty. Everything must be done to reduce the damage next time. This is the vocation of the PPRN, ”says Sylvie Feucher. She also insisted on the fact that "for all the zones, there has never been, there will never be any question of expropriating on the basis of the PPRN". She repeats it twice. In the audience, Lenny Mussington - the brother of Louis Mussington, territorial councilor and leader of the MJP - raised his hand to ask to speak. Then a woman came in and asked if it was the second or third public meeting? "This is the third meeting," replied the prefect. The reactions were immediate: the public stood up and protested because the prefecture had not postponed the 2nd as it was committed to. 

The hubbub was total. The meeting was interrupted. 

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