JUSTICE: The COM ordered to pay its supplier


After the passage of Irma, the Collectivity launched renovation work on the schools. At the start of 2018, it signed a framework agreement with order forms for project management, engineering and various services with the company Lage ingénieur, which subcontracts with Société de Maîtrise d'oeuvre (SMI).

SMI carries out work and sends ten invoices to the COM for a total amount of some 75 euros. So SMI decides, at the beginning of the year, to seize the summary judge of the administrative court of Saint-Martin.

The summary judge rejected SMI's request in March this year. The company continued its legal battle and then appealed to the Bordeaux Administrative Court of Appeal three weeks later. She asks the court to annul the order of the administrative court of Saint-Martin and to order the COM to pay her the amount of the unpaid invoices.

After examining the file at the beginning of September, the administrative court of appeal considers that SMI's requests are founded. On September 2, the COM was thus ordered to pay the SMI company a provision of 75 euros, subject to the constitution of a bank guarantee of the same amount by the SMI company or any other guarantee accepted by the SMI. collectivity of Saint-Martin as well as 272,28 euros under article L. 1-500 of the code of administrative justice. (soualigapost.com)

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