JUSTICE: Tested twice under the influence of an alcoholic state in 24 hours!


A fifty-year-old Portuguese man was sentenced to a six-month suspended prison sentence, tried for three years for driving under the influence of an alcoholic state in Saint Barthélemy. He was summoned Friday morning before the Saint-Martin Criminal Court according to the immediate appearance procedure.

It was checked with alcohol in the blood twice and 24 hours apart. Sunday, May 27, he was checked at the wheel of his car. In a repeat offense - he was convicted of similar offenses in 2015, he saw his car confiscated by the gendarmes. The next day, they checked it again, in the same condition but this time on the handlebars of a scooter.

His driver's license was suspended for a period of one year. The three-month suspended prison sentence imposed on his first conviction three years ago has also been revoked. (Source: www.soualigapost.com)

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