Ignacio & Chichibird: a book to approach Irma with children


Joselyne Arnell, primary school teacher and educational advisor in Saint-Martin presented to the press on Wednesday November 28, in the restaurant Creol'Garden, her new children's book. The author continues the adventures of the iguana Ignacio, hero of her first book, published three years earlier. Ignacio & Chichibird tells the story of an iguana and a sugar bowl, that everything separates until they find themselves all alone during the passage of Irma. This traumatic event that they experience together marks the beginning of a great friendship, despite their differences.

With Ignacio and Chichibird, she invites children to reflect on the protection of nature and the right to be different. But above all, it seeks to give them a taste for reading by bringing them closer to what they have experienced.

It is also an excuse to approach a traumatic memory with them. "This book is dedicated to all the children who suffered this cyclone and who may not have had the opportunity to talk about their experience," she explains. As a teacher, she sought out supports after Irma to discuss the subject with the children. "They were almost nonexistent so I wanted to fill this void," she says.

The book, self-published online on Xlibris, is written in English, the mother tongue of this Saint-Martin author, who plans to eventually translate it into French. It is very nicely illustrated by his daughter, the stylist Milkaya Laïjah.

Intended for children from 0 to 11 years old, the book will be the subject of a signing evening at the author's home on December 15 in Quartier d'Orléans (59, rue Saint-Georges).

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