Guyana (News): A record seizure of 594 kilos of cocaine!


Led by the Fort-de-France prosecutor's office and the Antilles-Guyana drug trafficking services, the cocaine intake carried out in Guyana in early October led to the arrest of 4 individuals. The merchandise would have brought in at least 18 million euros in Europe.

In fact, the case begins last July, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Fort-de-France. The soldiers of the Mtourya gendarmerie company then gathered information relating to major drug trafficking, passing through Guyana.

The first elements make it possible to verify the seriousness of the elements gathered, justifying the opening of a judicial investigation, quickly piloted by the prosecution of the JIRS of Fort-de-France. At the end of a one-month preliminary investigation, legal information is entrusted to a specialized investigating magistrate.

The investigations, carried out jointly by the Antilles-Guyana Anti-Narcotic Office (OFAST) and the gendarmerie in Guyana, highlight an imminent departure of cocaine at the end of September. “It was under these conditions that it was decided to conduct a judicial police operation on October 1, in the evening. This mobilized around fifty gendarmes from Guyana, as well as a dozen OFAST investigators, ”specifies the Fort-de-France prosecutor's office.

During this operation, 594 kilograms of cocaine, packaged in 18 canvas bags, were seized. They were accompanied by a container closure seal. The goods were found in a Citroën Berlingo vehicle, near the port of Dégrad des Cannes in Rémire-Montjoly (Guyana).

The driver of the said vehicle as well as the occupants of a second vehicle which was in the immediate vicinity were arrested. A fourth individual, implicated by the elements of the investigation, was also arrested inside the port. All four were taken into custody.

Aged between 26 and 56, three of those arrested were born in Guyana, the last being Haitian.

One of them was established in Suriname, while the other three lived in Guyana, in Matoury and Cayenne.


More than 50 € and vehicles luxury seized

At this stage of the investigation, it appears that this was not the first time that this organization had carried out this transport of narcotics to Europe by sea. The ports of destination were those of Le Havre and Antwerp.

The searches carried out have already enabled them to get their hands on more than 50 euros, three luxury vehicles (Audi Q000, Audi A5 and Renault Talisman), a jet ski and a Honda motorcycle.

At the end of their police custody, the four people arrested were the subject of a warrant to bring, in this open procedure, heads in particular of import and export in organized gangs of narcotics, facts for which the perpetrators face a sentence of 30 years of criminal imprisonment. The four individuals were presented to the investigating magistrate of the JIRS of Fort-de-France. The investigation is continuing in order to clarify the extent of this trafficking, and the exact role of the various protagonists.

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