Conflict: Almost 40% of Guyana without electricity


Nearly 40% of Guyana was deprived of electricity Tuesday by strikers who occupy control sites of the electricity network, announced the EDF - Guyana group on social networks. 

While an end-of-conflict agreement was signed over a week ago to lift the roadblocks that paralyzed Guyana, a social movement led by the UTG Eclairage union continues at EDF where striking workers have taken over the At the end of last week, control of two strategic sites which control the power supply and have since caused "voluntary power cuts", according to the management of EDF Guyana. "Since 7 am today (note: last Tuesday), new savage cuts have been orchestrated by strikers from the UTG Eclairage," management said on Facebook on Tuesday, adding that "27 homes were without electricity for more than four hours throughout the country ”, notably in Cayenne, Kourou and Saint-Laurent du Maroni. The strikers are demanding in particular the filling of "500 vacant positions" and the "payment of days of strike". _AF


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