Guadeloupe: Senator from Saint-Martin, Annick Pétrus visiting the Basse-Terre Arrest House


The law of June 15, 2000, which strengthens the protection of the presumption of innocence and the rights of victims, allows parliamentarians to visit a prison at any time and without warning.

Thus, the senator of Saint-Martin, Annick Pétrus went to the Maison d'Arrêt de Basse-Terre where she met the director, Olivier Vicquelin, as well as some Saint-Martin inmates. Out of a prison population of 160 inmates, the establishment includes more than 35 prisoners from Saint-Martin.

"This over-representation is worrying and questions us", underlines Senator Pétrus, and after having spoken with some of the detainees, she affirms that "the lack of contact with their family seems to be their major concern".

"The establishment of a room dedicated to visiting rooms by videoconference is a good initiative", continues the senator who considers that Saint-Martin detainees undergo a double sentence, "namely imprisonment in Guadeloupe and lack of contact with their loved ones ”.

For the former 3rd vice-president of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, “it remains our duty as elected officials to do everything possible to help our young people in difficulty in the area, and thus reduce the number of our children. in prisons ”.

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