Strike today (Thursday February 2) at Soualiga College!


All the staff of the Soualiga College will be on strike from this Thursday, February 2, strike renewable.

 They protest against the general deterioration of working conditions that started in 2014.

The exit from REP results in the abolition of teaching posts when the number of students not only does not change but is likely to increase during the school year, as every year!

As for the increase in the number of students per class which results from this, this goes completely against the direction of the reform of the college implemented in September 2016 (taking into account the difficulty, equal opportunities, etc.).

A meeting is scheduled this morning with Mr. Sanz, representative of the rector, to inform him of our demands. Beforehand, a general assembly will take place at the College with all the staff and the parents of the students.

Staff representatives from Soualiga College

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