Olympic and Paralympic Week: “Tutoring, Olympism and Kindergarten” Unity is strength!


Also as part of the Olympic and Paralympic week, 150 pupils from the Emile Larmonie and Ghislaine Rogers nursery schools were taken care of by the CM2 class of Evelyne Doressamy to organize the Cross Maternelle meeting planned for Quartier d'Orléans.

Indeed, the CM2 class is involved in the organization of the sporting event, each student having a responsibility: some being responsible for a workshop in which the children of kindergarten made a banner on the theme of the 'Olympism. Some students were responsible for the start of the races while others were assigned as "hare" and "signalers" for safety.

Dressed each in a “USEP Organizer” chasuble, CM2 students from Clair Saint-Maximin school took their role very seriously and made their teacher, Evelyne Doressamy, also president of the association “Les Orleans Tigers ”.

We strongly advise teachers to involve students in this type of action in order to help them live their education for citizenship and prepare them to assume their future responsibilities, knowing that the mission of the school and the USEP is to train responsible citizens.

The Education Department thanks the Clair Saint-Maximin school, the USEP association, the Tigers of Orleans and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin who jointly contributed to the success of this event. _AF

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