End of the partial activity exemption scheme 


The derogatory and simplified partial activity request system put in place following cyclone Irma which was to stop on October 6 has been extended until today. The last retroactive requests will be accepted until November 30, 2017.

From 1 December 2017, only requests prior to the date of partial unemployment may be authorized if the conditions are met. For the record, the dedicated site is accessible at the following address: https://activitepartielle.emploi.gouv.fr

For any difficulty related to the use of the site, you can contact the Partial Activity Assistance: • By phone (in the morning): 0821.401.400 • By email: contact-ap@asp-public.fr

For any other difficulty (regulations, local particularities, etc.): 971.activite partial@dieccte.gouv.fr

We also remind you that companies benefiting from the partial activity can obtain aid for restarting disaster-stricken companies if they meet the eligibility conditions defined by the circular of October 31, 2017:

- € 5000 paid automatically subject to having an authorization by November 30, 2017 and validation of the compensation claim before December 8.

- € 5000 additional subject to submitting by December 8, 2017 the downloadable application file from the site http://guadeloupe.dieccte.gouv.fr.

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