Fireworks on July 21: the sky of Grand-Case shone with a thousand lights!


Grand-Case beach and its pontoon were stormed by crowds of onlookers to enjoy the entertainment that promised to be grandiose… And it was.

"Wow", "it's too beautiful", for more than 7 minutes of explosions of lights in a clear sky, cheers and cries of joy could be heard despite everything. Although shaken by the current health crisis, the 2021 edition of Saint Victor did not go unnoticed thanks to Skyfall Fireworks which still kept its promises by delivering a participating show to underline the importance of the work of memory because each July 21 is a dear day in Grand-Case, it pays tribute to Victor Schoelcher, journalist and Guadeloupean deputy of Alsatian origin born on July 22, 1804, who proposed his decree for the definitive abolition of slavery to the government, that this last one signed. On April 27, 1848, slavery was irrevocably abrogated, making 1848 a momentous year in the history of the former French colonies. _VX

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