FESTIVITIES / Christmas lighting competition: registration deadline December 10!


As the end-of-year holidays quickly approach, the magic of Christmas comes to Saint-Martin with the 2023 Christmas lighting competition.

Residents are invited to take part in this festive competition which promises to transform the city into a dazzling light show.

The countdown begins ! You only have until December 10 to register for the Christmas Lights Competition. Whether your home sparkles brightly or you're a master at creating a cozy ambiance, all participants are welcome to share the magic of Christmas with the community.

Competition dates: December 15 to 17

The festivities will begin on December 15 and continue until December 17, giving participants three days to amaze the public with their bright and festive creations. The closing night of the competition will take place on December 23, 2023. A magical night to crown the most creative participants and celebrate the splendor of Christmas lights in Saint-Martin.

The Christmas Lights Competition would not be complete without prizes worthy of the event. The winners will have the chance to win gift certificates as well as exceptional dinners in renowned restaurants in Saint-Martin. Register now to be part of this festive competition and light up Saint-Martin with your creativity during the holidays. Let the competition begin!

For more information : https://www.st-martin.org

To register : https://forms.office.com/e/BFT1AQ3HPd

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