Faxinfo launches its live news channel on Whatsapp


For its 30th anniversary, Faxinfo is still evolving and launching its news channel on Whatsapp. Like Telegram and Instagram, WhatsApp recently launched “channels”, distribution channels which allow personalities, brands or even large organizations to broadcast different content (articles, videos, photos, surveys, etc.). ) to their subscribers.


How to subscribe to the free FAXINFO ONLINE channel on WhatsApp?

Click directly on the invitation below from your mobile where you use WhatsApp:


Then click at the top right on Follow.

Note that you are completely invisible to other subscribers. Administrators can refuse to allow a user to follow content on our channel.

Subscribers to the Faxinfo HOTLINE channel are instantly informed of local information, very useful in the event of an exceptional event.

Send this link to all your interested friends:


Have a nice weekend everyone.


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