MISCELLANEOUS: The biker involved in the fatal Bellevue accident in May 2022 placed under judicial supervision


The case had aroused great emotion after the announcement of the death of Sarah, a young woman aged 30 and mother of a 7-year-old girl, victim of an accident on the road to Bellevue.

At the end of an investigation conducted by the gendarmerie, the defendant is summoned to court on November 24, 2022. Pending this date, the driver, residing partly in Holland, is subject to a judicial review prohibiting him to leave the island of Saint-Martin and go to the French part. Reminder of the facts: on the night of May 22 to 23, 2022 around midnight, an accident occurred between the driver of a motorcycle and a female scooter driver. This one came out of a dead end in the straight line of Bellevue to cross in the direction of the Dutch part. The victim, wearing a helmet, would not have seen the motorcyclist arrive, the latter hit her head-on, unfortunately leaving little chance to the driver of the scooter who died following the violence of the impact and despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services. The first observations made by the police put a cause the speed of the driver of the motorcycle, who was not wearing any protection. The extreme emotion generated by this tragic drama has made many people react, exasperated by the insecurity and road crime that reign on the roads of Saint-Martin, the majority of accidents of which are caused by the irresponsible conduct of drivers. of two-wheelers. A Facebook group was created as a result. First entitled "Road insecurity in St-Martin, let's mobilize!" In memory of SARAH! “, the public group which currently has 634 members is now called “Collectif Citoyen Pour La Sécurité Routière à Saint-Martin / Road Safety Sxm”. The gendarmerie recalls that it is everyone's responsibility not to let an acquaintance, a friend, a child take the wheel or the handlebars of a two-wheeler under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, and certainly not without wearing a helmet. It is only collectively that we will manage to avoid this kind of tragedy. Repression is only part of the answer. _VX

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