MISCELLANEOUS: The gendarmes arrest a suspected robber in flagrante delicto in Baie Nettlé


For several weeks now and in the fight against the rise of armed robberies on the territory of Saint-Martin, the officers of the gendarmerie have been concentrating their efforts by multiplying the checks and adapting their system to counter the phenomenon. Their strategy was successful on the night of Monday, August 22, a robber was apprehended by the police. 

On the evening of Monday, August 22, around 21 p.m., robbers approached the Mezza Luna restaurant located in Baie Nettlé with the intention of stealing the contents of the cash register. The gendarmerie indicates in a press release that it arrested one of the thugs when they arrived at the scene, an arrival which surprised the perpetrators of the mischief. However, this arrest is no coincidence. Lieutenant-Colonel Wintzer-Weheking who commands the company of Saint-Martin Saint-Barthelémy explains:  “In addition to mobile patrols and checkpoints at key points in the territory, we are deploying as many personnel as possible in civilian clothes. Combined with in-depth legal work, these discreet actions must make it possible to be in the right place at the right time, this was the case on Monday evening and this shows the effectiveness of the system”. Determined to fight against these criminals, the gendarmerie wants to surprise the perpetrators by multiplying the points of presence, visible and invisible. The police do not fail to point out that a theft committed with the use or threat of a weapon (real or artificial) is punishable by a prison sentence of 20 years. Regarding the incident on Monday evening, the man was remanded in custody by the Basse-Terre prosecutor's office. The latter has opened a judicial investigation for the continuation of the investigations.

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