Exhibition of works by Florence Poirier-NKPA and Eli Benson


The “ELI & ME - FLO & I” exhibition will take place until February 5 in Saint-Martin. The opening will take place tomorrow at 18 p.m. at Isabelle Coutens' dental office, at Hope Estate (Power Plus building). Eli Benson and Florence Poirier-NKPA have decided to collaborate together for this four-handed work.


“Eli is a photographer, Florence likes to experiment with mixing media. And to invent a common universe, they choose to use Eli's photos as a laboratory for graphic experiments. In contrast to this woman locked in a jar, Eli and Florence open up to the infinite possibilities of digital art. They move, orient, orient, lay lines and structure the decomposing image in order to reinforce the idea of ​​incarceration of this body in the enclosed space that has become the surface of the canvas. ”

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