CTOS: many advances for the benefit of students


During her vows, the vice-president of the Rosette Gumbs-Lake Community, responsible for the Territorial Fund for School Works (CTOS), gave a long presentation of her 2015 actions and her goals for the year. 254 agents, permanent and contractual, are employed by the caisse.

Since January 4, CTOS has been managing the school canteen in the Robert Weinum estate. "Of the 800 students, 400 are enrolled," said the vice-president. In total, the caisse - which manages 20 school restaurants - offers 5000 meals a day. Since the start of the school year, a morning reception service has been available in six schools. The pupils, welcomed from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m., have the possibility of having breakfast at a cost of 50 euros. "2 children are already subscribing to it", specifies the vice-president. The pupils of the school campus are also entitled to a breakfast from 124 am for the same price.

Extracurricular: increase in registrations

"We recorded an increase in registrations (…) and 1647 children benefit from extracurricular reception", indicates Rosette Gumbs-Lake. “The implementation by CTOS of extracurricular activities since the reform concerns 16 nursery and elementary schools. Nearly 4000 children received care during the inter-class period and 1500 during the after-class, ”she adds. In 2016, new activities will be offered to children.

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