HORSE RIDING: Sea Horse and Sun puts on the colors of Carnival!


Wonderful day at the Sea Horse and Sun club, where a competition was recently organized on the theme of carnival.

For this first post Irma festivity, around thirty riders have come together, all in disguise!

In the morning the mini-riders, the slightly larger beginners and the gallops 1 competed on a maneuverability course with pitfalls.

At the lunch pose, a horseman competition, which consists of jumping a bar as high as possible, was organized.

With 16 competitors at the start, Kyara M wins hands down with a jump to 1m!

The obstacle course in three groups was also on the program for the day.

Congratulations to all the riders and thank you to the parents who came to see their children, as well as to the volunteers of the Equestrian Association of Saint-Martin who took care of the restoration. _AF

The results :

1 st event: mini riders:

1st place: Malia

2nd place: Tina

3 rd place: Tom

2 nd test: beginners

1 st place: Hisae

2 nd place: Marina

3 rd place: Lily

3rd test: Galop1

1 st place: Lea N

2 nd place: Jade

3 rd place: Luna

Best Costume Award: Tom, mini rider  

Club 3:

1st place: Kyara

Club 2:

1 st place: Faustine

2 nd place: Natea

3 rd place: Lea

Club 1:

1 st place: Lou

2 rd place: Lea

3 rd place: Philippine

Best Costume Award: Luna D

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