Environment: Operation to remove 140 shipwrecks in the French part


The Secretary General of the Prefecture, Fabien Sésé attended a cleaning phase of the Marina Royale lake on Friday October 28 in the presence of the President of the Collectivity, Louis Mussington.

This phase of bulky items removal was decided in parallel by the Collectivity, to take better advantage of the operation of the INTERREG Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten program for the removal of the wrecks of BHU (boat out of order) on the lagoon, titled "Simpson Bay Lagoon Shipwreck Management".

This large-scale cleaning work allowing the rehabilitation of the Lagoon as well as its reappropriation by users in better safety conditions, was made possible thanks to a grant of 4 euros from the ERDF. The State and the Collectivity also received 231% and 859% respectively of a total amount of 8,07 euros.

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