COMPANY: A new device for companies to train future employees


Saint-Martin is the third community in France to test the new training system for companies with fewer than eleven employees.

The “TPE course” innovates on two levels. On the one hand, it doubles the number of training hours and brings it to eight hundred; this provides access to training in trades that take longer to learn. On the other hand, the person who is trained is paid up to 20 euros per hour per hour maximum and the salary is paid by Pôle Emploi.

In Saint-Martin, members of the Federation of Very Small Businesses (FTPE) and nationals of the CCISM can benefit from this system, the presidents of which, Jeanne Vanterpool and Angèle Dormoy, signed an agreement with Pôle Emploi on Friday morning.

The business manager who needs to recruit staff contacts Pôle Emploi, who will set up a training plan and select candidates. 

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