COMPANY: The Minister of Labor facilitates the procedure for redundancy


Muriel Pénicaud announced during his trip to Saint-Martin on Saturday the temporary modification of certain measures related to the redundancy.

• Abolition of funding for the CSP

The first is financial. According to the law in a company of less than 1 people, an employer who fires an employee who has at least one year of seniority, for economic reasons must "offer to integrate the Professional Security Contract (CSP)". If the employee accepts the CSP, he is exempt from notice and does not receive legal compensation. The company must pay it to Pôle Emploi.

After the passage of Irma, given the lack of visibility and the weakness of economic activity, companies would have wanted to lay off but they did not have the cash to do so. They could not pay these famous indemnities.

Last Saturday, the Minister of Labor announced the exemption from funding the professional security contract. "This will save several businesses and several hundred jobs on the island," she said.

• Remote prior maintenance

In the context of an economic dismissal, the employer must request a prior interview. He must meet the employee physically. Given the circumstances, the absence of certain employees from the island, the Minister of Labor asked to temporarily modify the labor code so that this interview could be done remotely.

• Possibility of rehiring

According to the regulations, an employer who has dismissed one of his employees for economic reasons cannot recruit another person to this same position during the following year. Also in view of the social and economic circumstances, the Minister of Labor asked to temporarily modify the labor code so that this twelve-month period was abolished.

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