Teaching: A new Master focused on Overseas


The Free Institute of International Relations Studies (ILERI), located on the campus of the University of La Defense in the Paris region, has just launched a new Master in international relations entirely geared towards Overseas. 

As we know perfectly well, the lessons given in mainland France are sometimes far from the realities that interest the overseas territories. It is with this in mind that the Free Institute for the Study of International Relations is launching for the next school year a Master entirely dedicated to the specific realities of ultra-seafarers. The first sign that teaching takes into account our realities, the institute offers two plans to its students, face-to-face or entirely at a distance. An accessible formula in continuous training or in initial training and in professionalization contract. The aim of education is to train specialists from overseas who are able to exercise their skills in the private fields of the environment, the social and solidarity economy or the various public functions. The training takes place from October to April, 2 days a week and is supplemented by 2 weeks of intensive seminars. A formula for training while working and without having to leave one's territory. Ideal for under-resourced students and working professionals.  _NB


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