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Last Monday, at the CCI premises in Concordia, a forum was held for young graduates. It is the Pelicarus association which organized the event with the support of the Community. 

It is in the CCI's premises, in Concordia, that the very young Pelicarus association organized a forum for young graduates but also accessible to students passing through for the holidays. In April 2014, seven Saint Martin students decided to create the association. The observation behind this creation is simple. All the islands have their student associations in metropolitan France except Saint-Martin and Saint Martin students often find themselves quite alone in the face of the many changes that await them in metropolitan France. Pelicarus then created the association with four branches in the main cities where young students land, Paris, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Montpellier. The vocation of the association is quite simply to allow students to take ownership of their new lives as calmly as possible and to avoid the isolation which often leads to dropping out. This Monday's forum offered several workshops including the sponsorship workshop during which it was possible to find a tutor for the academic year. Someone who has been there before and who will help, advise ...

A professional relations workshop which aims to develop networks as its name suggests but also a workshop to inform about the functioning of the local stock market and a workshop to learn how to write a CV. A rather complete forum where young students and their parents met to take stock of the next academic year and especially benefit from the support of those who have already been there! If you want to know more about the Pelicarus association, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and of course, on their website (www.pelicarus.org). A young, ultra-connected association. _NB (photos © Soualiga Post)


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