EDUCATION: Phoenix Plan: 30 million euros for schools


One of the components of the reconstruction program drawn up under the Phoenix plan concerns schools.

"Our priorities for the year 2018 will be directed first of all towards the rehabilitation and reconstruction of our schools for an amount estimated, for the moment, at almost 30 million euros," announced President Daniel Gibbs during of the vows Monday afternoon. "Heavy construction sites await us this year with the construction of a new establishment, following the virtual demolition of the Soualiga college and the Emile Larmoni school," he said. He hopes to be able to lay the first stone by the end of this year.

In addition, if Daniel Gibbs says he is aware of the urgency of rehabilitating schools, he recalls that the State services must also quickly give him all the data, in particular the number of pupils, so that his teams can work on this reconstruction. "These projects are an opportunity to rethink the school map and streamline the functioning of our establishments," he said.



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