3 commemorative days of Saint Martin's Day organized at the Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry from November 8 to 10


Ms. Vallette Laurence and Ms. Chamodon Elisabeth, teachers in Letters, History and Geography at the Daniella Jeffry Vocational High School, project leaders, are offering a commemoration of St Martin's Day at the Daniella Jeffry Vocational High School for three Second Professional Bac classes.  

This festival, every November 11, is an opportunity to evoke the history and culture of our island, often little or little known to students and teachers. 

So, why not take advantage of this festive moment to contextualize the History teachings of the Seconde program?

Indeed, the organization of this event over three days with educational activities and lectures by external speakers, will be intended for three classes in the European section, specializing in “Catering and Hotel Trades” and “Catering Trades”. Customer Relations ”.

The idea came to us while reflecting on the contextualization of our 1st History sequence of the program of our 1493nd year classes: "The expansion of the known world (XNUMXth-XNUMXth century)" and, more precisely, the discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus who gave it its name in XNUMX, on Saint-Martin's Day. 

Also, we wish to renew this project annually by following the chronology of the History program from the first class to the final year, with these same classes. 

This project also responds to an educational objective where the interactive learning of our students makes them aware of the culture of our territory and integrates multilingualism, a strong and beautiful identity opening towards horizons extended to the rest of the world of which they are the proud heirs. It is to allow them to build themselves, to develop them while assimilating knowledge and by awakening them to the desire to learn.     

Finally, we expect from this experience a cohesion of class for these newcomers to the Professional High School around a stimulating project, where they will be actors of their training, especially during the two educational outings which will open this period on Monday, November 8 to morning. Then, on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 November, they will participate in conferences on the History of St Martin served by Mr. Franz Gumbs in bilingual and Mr. Jay Haviser in English.

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