National Education: Prize giving “Math Rally” and “Mental Math Championship”


The education department of the communities of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin organized an awards ceremony to recognize and reward the efforts of students and teachers of mathematics, last Tuesday, at the MJC in Sandy-Ground.

M.Sanz, representative of the rector and M.Boyer, IEN in charge of the circumscription of the Northern Islands, congratulated all the students and all the teaching teams for their commitment and implication in the fight against digitalism.

Parents of students were present in great numbers to accompany their winning child, around 200 people. Mr Sanz and Mr Boyer greatly appreciated their presence for this ceremony.

At the start of the evening, the education service honored the professors ambassadors of the values ​​of the Republic with a medal ceremony for each.

The award ceremony of the “IREM Mathematical Rally” took place with the team of 3 students from the Emile Choisy school (Arrondell Abishaï, Cudicio Sonny, Prince Jetro) who finished 5th out of 210 teams throughout Guadeloupe.

For the academic mental math championship, 3 students stood out: CASTAGNA Valentina (CP-Elie Gibs) who finished 3rd, THIANT Amélie (CE2-Emile Larmonie) and HARDAT Aneesa (CM2-Clair Saint-Maximin) who finished 2nd out of all the academy.

“Saint-Martin has potential in mathematics, 143 students received the encouragement prize, so we must continue our efforts to go even higher. I dream of one day seeing a student from Saint-Martin on the 1st step of the podium for the academic prize ”underlines Jean-Luc Elice, CPC in charge of mathematics and proud of the students. The education department thanks the community of Saint-Martin, the cultural center of Sandy-Ground, the Lions Club, with the presence of the president Sandra Fleming, who offered the trophies and the association Watt of 9 for the snack .

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