Aline Hanson School: A graduation… an always moving start before entering college!


The Aline Hanson school at Sandy-Ground organized its end-of-year show between songs, theater, poetry and dance last Thursday, not to mention the awarding of prizes and diplomas awarded to good pupils in CM 2 classes! 

The least we can say is that the parents of CM2 students put on their "31" to attend the end-of-year show and the graduation of their protégés before entering the course of great!

The festivities began with the awarding of numerous medals (note: 2 in gold, 2 in silver and 3 in bronze) awarded to pupils of 6th grade for their good performances achieved during the various sporting events organized throughout the school year. .

Jérôme Carlet, USEP referent of the school, also gave a diploma to all the teachers for their investment in the framework of the “Year of Olympism”.

The director, Germain Alamkan, took the opportunity to express his pride in being surrounded by motivated teachers united for one and the same goal: the success of all the students of the establishment!

Then came the moment long awaited by the many parents present in the room!

And for good reason ! The teachers of the CM2 classes went up on the podium to call graduated students by merit group. The presentation of awards and diplomas could then begin!

A total of eighty-seven students paraded, one after the other, on the MJC stage at Sandy-Ground, under the benevolent and proud eyes of the parents who did not stop capturing these moments of great joy.

The most deserving students were praised by their teachers as their involvement deserved to be highlighted.

Throughout the ceremony, strong moments of great commotion were perceptible, both among the children and among the teachers who experienced a pinch in the heart to let their protégés go to secondary education!

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