HORSE RIDING / French Amateur Championship 3 by team: Lea Koffel fails at the foot of the podium!


After her recent victory obtained during the "Matinik Chouval Show", Lea Koffel joined the Metropolis to participate in the French Amateur 3 Championship by team.

Our Saint-Martin rider has joined the Pays de Loire region team, “L'Ecurie du Clos 1”.

The competition started in gloomy weather with rain and only 15 ° C displayed on the thermometer!

On Saturday, the first day of the competition, 70 teams were in the running, or 240 riders. Lea Koffel and her team made a good entry into the competition by making 3 flawless, synonymous with qualification for the final with 16 other teams.

The next day, the four riders of "L'Ecurie du Clos 1" distinguished themselves again with 4 flawless races completed and thus qualified for the jump-off along with the four other selected formations.

At the end of the last event, Lea Koffel and her teammates obtain an honorable 4th place in the French Amateur Championship 3.

Note that the best coaching prize was awarded to the coach of the “Ecurie du Clos 1” team, Thierry Marquis.

Congratulations to him and also to his riders! _AF

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