Portuguese galley: should we worry?


The Portuguese galley - which looks like a jellyfish - is talked about a lot on social networks, and has been spotted recently on some beaches in the French Antilles. On our territory, there is no need to worry, according to Julien Chalifour, head of the scientific missions and monitoring pole at the Nature Reserve: “Saint-Martin is not more affected than usual. We are in its natural range. Observations remain rare near the coast (…) no more than one per year for 4 years of patrolling within the reserve. ” In water, it is better to avoid it: “You have to stay at a distance, because the stinging filaments can measure several meters. In the event of a bite, it is better to ask for help to prevent any discomfort preventing you from returning to the beach ”, he adds, adding that this planktonic life form drifts freely - role of its colored float - at the discretion of currents and winds. _EH


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