EDUCATION: Omer Arrondel school again victim of vandalism


Disappointment and sadness hover within the management of the Quartier d'Orléans school establishment: last weekend, three classes were ransacked and the thugs returned the next day to vandalize this place dedicated to education again children.

Patricia Petchy, director of the Omer Arrondell school in Quartier d'Orléans, strongly urges parents to speak to their children and young people in Quartier d'Orléans so that they understand that this kind of act is both unacceptable and punished by law. On December 1, the janitor of the Omer Arrondell school, which accommodates 70 children, noticed that individuals had entered the establishment to vandalize three classrooms… and came back the next day to ransack one of these classes again.

Sad fact: this is the fourth time that the Omer Arrondell school has been the victim of this type of cowardly and stupid behavior. Books, lesson sheets, school furniture, teaching tools, flat screen, headset and computer keyboard, the perpetrators fought for free, using spray paint on school desks and destroying objects made available for the education of the children of Quartier d'Orléans. They are the children who are the first victims of an act of vandalism. As the school resumed normal activity after years of struggle since Irma's passing despite the misdeeds committed once or twice a year, while management and faculty had regained enthusiasm with the inauguration of new classrooms last February thanks to the intervention of the Fondation de France, this new unfortunate event firmly condemned by the Collectivity and all the actors concerned marks an nth blow by bringing sadness and incomprehension. Besides the fact that an act of vandalism of this type carries a penalty of two years' imprisonment and a fine of €30.000, the act itself is a real trauma for the children who do not understand why someone one degrades their school. _Vx

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