Celebration of Saint Barbara, patron saint of firefighters and Day


"Open Doors" Sunday at the Savane barracks

Sainte-Barbe is celebrated every December 4. Patron saint of firefighters, she is their protector. Also, during this period,  each rescue center organizes a ceremony in his honor, an event placed under the sign of festivities and conviviality.

On the occasion of the "Open Doors" Day organized on Sunday December 4 at the Savane barracks,  a ceremony took place in the morning to honor the firefighters of Saint-Martin but also to show them the support and recognition of elected officials and the population. It makes it possible to salute the commitment of firefighters, whether professional or voluntary, and to underline the values ​​of altruism, self-sacrifice, fraternity and solidarity that they carry on a daily basis in the exercise of their missions. . A moment of conviviality to allow firefighters to come together, but also to pay tribute to the missing.


Full box for the "Open Day"

The public responded in number on Sunday and the firefighters were eager to find them, apart from their interventions. Obviously because of the Covid-19 pandemic, their last two editions had been canceled.

“It is a moment that puts balm in the heart, firefighters. It's been three years since we were able to do our Open Day and it feels good to meet people, to talk about our passion, "said the president of the Amicale des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Saint-Martin, Fabrice Burnett.

Strengthening the link with the population, acquiring reflexes in terms of first aid but also creating vocations are the objectives of this day dedicated to the discovery of the different trades among firefighters.

Many situations were presented to the public, including personal rescue (road accident), road rescue maneuver, passage of firefighters in a smoky room, rescue-clearance in the event of an earthquake or cyclone. , search for a person with the canine firefighters and their dog "Onyx".

Many brave little ones did not hesitate to climb several meters high, at the very top of the ladder before making a zip line descent. Thrills guaranteed!

The day ended with the lighting of the Christmas tree in the presence of the large family of Saint-Martin firefighters and the amazed children! _AF

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