Education (Exams): The time for rewards has arrived!


Each year, figures are given, by highlighting the successes - and sometimes also the failures - in the most symbolic exams that are the baccalaureate and the national diploma of the patent!

And 2019 was no exception to the rule, in Saint-Martin as in Saint-Barthélemy:

• a success rate of 87,2% for the general and technological baccalaureate, up almost 5 points compared to last year;

• a success rate of  63,4% for the vocational baccalaureate  down almost 18 points;

• a success rate of 72,6% for the DNB (general and professional series) in Saint-Martin, up nearly 7 points and 90,5% in Saint-Barthélemy, up by more than 12 points!

But these figures, as precise as they are, do not say everything about the joys and sorrows, of the pride that everyone can feel at the announcement of these results. The candidates themselves and their parents, but also the educational teams who mobilized to lead everyone on the path to success.

And after the stress, the manifestations of joy or sadness, comes the time for rewards.

This is what the team of general and technological high school Robert Weinum decided by organizing on Friday July 12 a big and beautiful event to honor the laureates… of BTS! It was the first time that such an event was organized in Saint-Martin and for good reason, since it was the first promotion of BTS students in initial training!

And not just any promotion since the two BTS Accounting Management and Management Assistant PMI-PME opened just a few weeks after the passage of Hurricane Irma! And as if that were not enough, out of 24 candidates 23 obtained their BTS! And among them, a candidate, Cassandre MARTIN, came out major of all the candidates from the Antilles Guyana in her specialty!

With exceptional results, exceptional event! Decorated stage, sound system, DJ, professional photographer, gifts,  buffet, etc. Everyone had started on their 31st, starting with the students and it was in this festive and friendly atmosphere that speeches and graduations could take place.

In the presence of the rector of the Guadeloupe academy, the assistant academic director, the 3rd vice-president of the COM of Saint-Martin, professionals from the business world, numerous personalities, parents of pupils, the management team, teachers, administrative staff, school and technical life of the school and obviously students, the headmistress animated this evening with a master's hand highlighting the successes and commitments of each.

And during this event reserved for BTS students, the rector hoped that the graduates who graduated from their class would also be honored.

This is how Tiago RIBEIRO VIEIRA obtained his professional baccalaureate in the specialty wood and associated materials manufacturing technician (TFBMA) with a very good mention. He was accompanied by the deputy head of the vocational school and one of his teachers. Tiago was one of the students who went on a one-month internship in Guyana and their teacher rightly pointed out,  that all the promotion had won the bac!

Then Rosanne PHEBE in Terminale S, Flerita RICHEMON in Terminale STMG and Mathurin DENIS in Terminale STI2D (again a first promotion!) Were awarded their diplomas by the different personalities as well as a nice gift!

Throughout this evening, rich in emotion, everyone was able to measure the path traveled by all, in a difficult context, and highlighted the values ​​that transcend us: perseverance, sense of effort, a legitimate ambition , surpassing oneself but also solidarity and friendship! (Thanks to Michel Sanz, IA-DAASEN from Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin)


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