EDUCATION / O. Arrondell School: teachers denounce certain reception conditions for students


"It is not because we are not seen that everything is fine," say eight teachers from the Omer Arrondell primary school in Quartier d'Orléans, half of the school's teaching staff. Tuesday morning, they decided to take advantage of the national protest movement, to denounce the reception and working conditions within the establishment which welcomes around three hundred students.

"Some positions are filled, but they are filled by replacements and not by tenured teachers," they comment. "Here they are all year round, that means that we have no more replacements if necessary," they continue.

“The stadium having been damaged, the sport took place last year in the school yard. But it makes noise and disturbs the classes.

We don't want to start again for another year, ”say the teachers.

The prefab is still not repaired. “It accommodates two classes and allophone children in poor conditions and the RASED students, still cannot be taken care of. On the one hand there are infiltrations and there is no air conditioning, ”comments a teacher.

The teachers recognize, however, that work was carried out following Irma but that some still remains to be done such as "the installation of a fence at the back".

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