EDUCATION: 6 students enrolled, ie 716% of the expected enrollment


8 students were scheduled to return to school in early September 519 in Saint-Martin. After Irma's passage, a number of families left the island.

The services of National Education expected a gradual return between the holidays of All Saints and those of Christmas. Today 78% of the students have returned to Saint-Martin, announced at a press conference. Michel Sanz, Inspector of the Academy - Deputy Academic Director of the National Education Services (IA-DAASEN) of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin.

They are thus 3 in the first degree (they were to be 500 in September) and 4 in the second degree (they were to be 480). 3 are no longer registered in the nineteen public schools in the French part.

Elie Gibbs primary school has 57% of the staff it should have received and Emile Larmonie school in Cul de Sac less than a third (31%).

Children who should have gone there are taken in by other schools, the establishment has been badly damaged and will not be rebuilt.

In contrast, in Quartier d'Orléans, 87% of children go to school.


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