EDUCATION: 24 children from Lamartine school visit Grand-Case airport


This was a great first at Grand-Case airport, where the educational teams of the EDEIS airport management group received students from Lamartine primary school on a guided tour as part of International Aviation Day. civil.

On the program, aviation and wonder. It is in the process of its involvement on the island of Saint-Martin that the EDEIS group has exceptionally accepted, and this, in a desire to raise awareness of the aviation profession from an early age, whether both for girls and for boys. The guided tour began in the airport hall and continued towards the management offices and the various departments. Thanks to Mickencia Lavaud, business and private aviation manager at Grand-Case airport, who made the event possible despite strict regulations, the children were able to learn more about the role of each team. They also had the ability to wield the tools used to guide aircraft such as glow sticks. The director, in charge of the quality and sustainable development department, detailed the safety component by explaining to CE1 students the importance of constant supervision of the runway and aircraft parking lots with regular and thorough cleaning in order to avoid any accident. As the protection of the planet is at the heart of the priorities of the EDEIS group, whose slogan is "the ally of the territories", the schoolchildren discovered the usefulness of the waste sorting bins placed in the airport since 2012. he EDEIS arrival and departure stopover then brought the small group to the check-in counters.

Meeting with the firefighters, the airport police and passing through customs, the demonstrations of the agents at each post, according to the usual protocol, delighted the curious children, they religiously deposited their caps, their watches and their belts in the plastic bins before moving on to the metal detector and other x-ray devices. Green light for everyone. Very exceptionally, they were authorized to visit the airport control tower.

Subsequently, the children had the chance to enter the cockpit of a private plane thanks to the agreement of the owner, perhaps inviting them to the dream of becoming a pilot. Unique experience for children, some of whom have never flown. At the end of the visit, the schoolchildren remained on the ground, but their eyes were full of stars. Special thanks to the entire EDEIS team at Grand-Case airport. _Vx

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