A minute of silence in elementary and a "quiet time" in kindergarten scheduled for November 2 in homage to Samuel Paty


The return to school on Monday, November 2 will be organized in several stages of pedagogy and exchanges in schools in order to pay tribute to Samuel Paty. Here is what is planned from kindergarten to high school.

Explain the unspeakable to the pupils and make them take part in the mourning of the whole educational community and, beyond, of a whole nation. Such is the stake of the day of November 2, date of the return to class after the holidays of All Saints, which will be devoted to the homage to Samuel Paty in the schools, colleges and high schools of France.

The day of November 2 in secondary will be broken down into "three times". In secondary education, a first phase will allow teachers to prepare themselves, "which will slightly delay the start of the school year for students". In a second step with the pupils, the “principles of the school and of the Republic” will be reaffirmed. Finally, a third stage will bring together, in the courtyard, students, teachers and "school partners", "in compliance with health rules", for a minute of silence and the reading of the "Letter to teachers" of Jean Jaurès.

At primary school, a “pedagogical time”, the framework of which will be given to teachers, will also take place. In elementary - from CP to CM2 - a minute of silence will be held. In kindergarten, a simple "quiet time" is planned. _AF

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