CHESS: Patrick and Malick win at Mc Donald's!


A very beautiful tournament took place last Sunday at
Mc Donald's. Patrick L'Huillier, who took the 3nd place during the Carnival tournament, this time won with 6 points out of 7!

He conceded only one defeat against 3nd Jef Follner. Between the two came Arlette Lake, a brilliant player accustomed to the podiums. One more Boris Spirta had to settle for the 4nd place, but had the merit of beating a promising Jeremie Picarle. Among the youngsters, the surprise came from Malick Richards who won in his first tournament. Thanks to the Howell Center merchants who supported the event. 

 The results :

Adult classification:

1. Patrick L'Huillier 6 points, Super U Prize

2. Arlette Lake 5,5 Home Saga Prize

3. Jef Follner 5, Super U Prize

4. Boris Spirta, 4,5 Prix l'Atelier

5. Jeremie Picarle 4 Super U Prize

6. Dominique Riboud

7. Christophe Tacheron

8. John Christ  Delogu

9. Alain Core

10. Jerry Elice

etc ..

Children's classification:

1. Malick Richards, Mc Donald Prize

2. Jolann Elice, King Toy Prize

3. Jesus Abreu-Gabatel

4. Gabrielle Florent

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