ARCHERY: The end of the season has struck for archers in Saint-Martin!


Like the other sporting disciplines practiced on the island, the season also ends for the Archers of Saint Martin with several awards awarded to club members.

Thus, in chicks, Jamel and Ayanna Auclair both obtained their white feather with respectively 105 and 102 points out of 100 to reach.

For his part, Maël Gildas was given his yellow pen by making 5 times 140 points minimum.

It was also the end of the season with a white arrow (shooting at 10 m) since three other awards were awarded to Nina Aullen-Auclair with 288 points out of 360, Anne Auclair and Maël Gildas with a total of 282 points each.

Congratulations to all of the laureates and see you at the next school year scheduled for September.

In the meantime, happy holidays to all! _AF


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