Water: Hourly planning of city water distribution


“Last weekend was marked by serious problems in the distribution of drinking water. The situation is simple: our production tool cannot currently cope with consumption and this consumption does not simply depend on what you use, a significant part being attributable to leaks on the network, especially in the Orient Bay and des Terres-Basses ”, explains COM in a press release.

Healthcare, health and educational establishments are not affected, nor is the fire safety network. “For everything concerning the public network, the effort in terms of investments by the EEASM is considerable and especially since Irma because we are well aware of the weight of the past and we are committed to rehabilitating all the networks on the coming years. "

Unfortunately, with regard to the private networks, an effort is necessary on the part of the union associations, since these leaks are the responsibility of private management and that they represent nearly 1000 cubic meters lost per day, comments the COM.

“This situation can in no case be attributed to the delegate Saur and it cannot affect distribution to the greatest number either. The Collectivity also invites the actors concerned to take the exact measure of the problem we are facing because of these leaks and to work towards the common good. ”

However, “the Collectivity and its president are more than aware of the restrictive aspect of these cuts necessary to restore the balance between production and distribution by restoring water stocks, but which at the same time impact the inhabitants and the 'economic activity in the sectors concerned'.

After consultation with the direction of the EEASM, the SAUR and the socio-professionals of the territory, the president of the Collectivity asked that measures be taken to penalize the users as little as possible.

Thus, rather than opting for continuous closings on private networks with major leaks, the SAUR will allow access to drinking water during two strategic time slots in sectors with obvious economic challenges: from 8h to 10h and from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m.

This measure only concerns the sectors of Anse Marcel, Terres Basses and Baie Orientale.

“This choice was made, after numerous consultations and discussions with socio-professionals, in order to penalize the economic fabric as little as possible, but in no way detracts from our priority and our efforts to ensure an efficient distribution service. water to all citizens of Saint-Martin, all sectors. In particular in this period of national and international epidemic where the first of the instructions rests on the hygiene and the washing of the hands ”, declares the COM.


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