Deconfinement: To everyone's surprise, Daniel Gibbs announces a possible reopening of the beaches this Friday, May 8


In his intervention by Facebook live this Monday, May 4, the president of the Community, Daniel Gibbs announced a possible reopening of the beaches as of Friday, May 8.

Tests on the quality of bathing water were recently carried out by the services of the Regional Health Agency. If the results prove to be good, the prohibition order will therefore be lifted from 8 May.

For its part, the Prefecture prefers to remain cautious about the reopening of the beaches in Saint-Martin for May 8, tests on the quality of the water have not yet reached this day.

If all the indicators are green, the beaches will only be open for bathing or walking while respecting the barrier gestures dixit President Gibbs.

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    • sandrine banjanac May 7, 2020 at 10:46 pm Reply

      “When everyone is constantly lying to you, the result is not that you believe those lies but that no one believes anything anymore. A people who can no longer believe anything can not form an opinion. He is deprived not only of his capacity to act but also of his capacity to think and to judge. And, with such a people, you can do whatever you want ”, said Hannah Arendt.

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