COVID-19: A 27th death to be deplored in part Dutch


Last week, the health authorities of Sint Maarten announced the death of a person who was infected with Covid-19; which brings to 27 the number of deaths recorded on the Dutch side since the start of the pandemic.

Sint Maarten has a mortality of 65 deaths per 100000 inhabitants, a rate similar to that of the Netherlands (64,9).

By way of comparison, France has 93 deaths per 100000 inhabitants and the United States almost 100 deaths per 100000 inhabitants.

The three countries in the world with the highest mortality are Belgium, with 164,81 deaths per 100000 inhabitants, Slovenia (124 per 100000) and Peru (119,92 per 100000).

In the Caribbean, the number of deaths per 100000 inhabitants is 93 in Guadeloupe and Martinique, 51 in the Bahamas, 22 in the Dominican Republic, 10 in Trinidad and Jamaica, 2,2 in Haiti.

In the French part, the number of deaths is 12, i.e. a mortality rate of around 34 deaths per 100000 inhabitants.

Source: Country death rates are from Johns Hopkins University data.

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