COVID-19: Who are the active cases in the French part


For three weeks a Saint-Martinois has been hospitalized in a serious condition in Martinique where he was transported after having stayed several days at the Pointe-à-Pitre hospital center. He is a 48-year-old man who did not have significant co-morbidities before he contracted the virus. He has a severe form of covid-19.

On May 9, a new case was confirmed during the screening operation in the neighborhoods. It has been 17 days since a case has been registered. The investigation carried out by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) made it possible to understand that this new patient had been in contact with another positive case but had not been tested or questioned.

“When we do the investigation to identify contact cases, we ask the patient to tell us who he has been in contact with for the past 2 days. In the case of the new patient, the person with whom she had been in contact, had not indicated it in the list of his associates ”, specifies the territorial director of the ARS in Saint-Martin. 50 people who rubbed shoulders with the patient confined to her home were tested.

For the moment, no details have been communicated regarding the last case revealed on Saturday, which was transferred to Guadeloupe.

Another patient was hospitalized at Saint-Martin hospital on Friday evening. “This is a partially Dutch-diagnosed patient who was in segregation at home. He was therefore taken care of for another health problem, ”says the prefecture.

Finally, two other patients have been hospitalized in the Covid unit of Marigot hospital and are awaiting results. (

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