WEATHER: How Irma proved the interest of the Cat Nat diet


“Irma highlighted the specific case of overseas departments and territories where the insurance penetration rate is around 50% on average, although exposure to natural risks is very high. In addition, the insurance sector is much more concentrated there than in metropolitan France, with only 15 insurers ”, adds Thierry Cohignac, deputy director of reinsurance & public funds within the CCR.

By way of comparison, the rate of insured persons is close to 100% and the number of non-life insurers on the order of one hundred. "On the overseas, the premiums collected are around 25 million euros with less than a million euros for the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, while alone amount of the Irma claim represents nearly 2 billion euros, "he said. And admit: "These figures alone demonstrate the interest of the regime in covering the most exposed territories. Without the Cat Nat scheme and the public reinsurance offered by CCR, these territories would not be insurable. CCR has made adjustments to its reinsurance conditions after Irma, but with the aim of enabling players operating overseas to continue their activity without difficulty. " (


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