COVID-19: Update on the deployment of vaccination centers.


The vaccination campaign is continuing for the elderly in institutions and for health professionals at risk. The vaccine doses were delivered on January 5, 2021 in Guadeloupe.

To date, in our territory 345 people have already been vaccinated, including 84 residents and 261 health professionals. Our seniors represent a priority audience. The Accommodation Establishments for Dependent Elderly People (EHPAD), Long-Term Care Units (USLD) and Geriatric After-Care Services (SSR) are strongly mobilized and have scheduled vaccinations for their voluntary public until the end. January.

The EHPAD Bethany Home has already vaccinated 13 residents since January 6. Our caregivers strongly impacted and mobilized in this major health crisis were among the first to be vaccinated. The vaccination center for caregivers of the University Hospital of Guadeloupe (pivotal establishment) was the first to open on January 9 (151 professionals vaccinated on January 15, 2021), then the Center Hospitalier de la Basse Terre (63 professionals vaccinated at 15 January 2021) and the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital Center in Saint Martin on Tuesday January 12 (24 caregivers vaccinated on January 15, 2021). These centers are open to all health professionals defined by the Public Health Code (whether they work in the public or liberal sector), professionals working in health establishments and in the medico-social sphere, medical transporters, firefighters over 50 and professional helpers. These professionals are welcomed as a priority when they are over 50 or have significant comorbidities.

  Open from Monday January 18 to the fragile population of Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands.

The priority audience targeted initially corresponds to people aged over 75 and very fragile people referred by their doctor with the following pathologies:

- Cancers and malignant haematological diseases during treatment with chemotherapy;

- Severe chronic kidney disease, including dialysis patients;

- Transplanted solid organs;

- Transplanted by allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; - Chronic poly-pathologies with at least two organ failure;

- Rare diseases and particularly at risk in case of infection (sickle cell disease in particular)

- Trisomy 21

People over 65 and chronically ill patients over 50 can subscribe to the additional list via the regional appointment number.


This vaccination will be carried out for this first week in the 5 existing centers, namely:

- Sainte-Marie Hospital Center in Marie Galante,

- Capesterre Belle Eau Hospital Center,

- Basse-Terre Hospital Center,

- Institut Pasteur de Guadeloupe in Pointe à Pitre,

- Louis Constant Fleming Hospital Center in Saint-Martin

It is programmed during the third week of the year, the opening of complementary vaccination centers, in particular in Saint-Barthélemy and in Guadeloupe, as well as “ephemeral local vaccination centers” in connection with the mayors and the local authorities. liberal professionals, always for the same priority audience.

Mobile teams will also be able to support the vaccination centers and travel to their homes if necessary in conjunction with the CCAS. The organization of these trips in partnership with the Regional Union of Health Professionals will be coordinated by the TAP / RIPOSTE COVID19 platform.


The arrangements for making an appointment for priority people and residents of Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands are:

- Registration via their attending physician;

- Online registration via the internet, via the appointment platforms chosen by these vaccination centers, on the Santé.fr site;

- Registration via a single call number for our region (Guadeloupe and Northern Islands) on the platform dedicated to the public and to professionals "TAP / RIPOSTE COVID 19" on 05 90 99 14 74 from Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. .

Volunteers who have already registered with RIPOSTE will be called back for an appointment at the vaccination center according to their priority status.

The appointment for the first injection will be given as well as the reminder appointment at 28 days in the same vaccination center.

Just bring your vital card and your vaccination booklet because once administered, the vaccine will be recorded in this paper booklet or in your electronic vaccination booklet accessible via the Internet.

Free to access, it allows you to keep and secure your health information. Once activated, you can feed it to inform your vaccination.

The organization, traceability and monitoring of vaccination coverage require the implementation of a processing of personal data named "COVID vaccine" by the national health insurance fund.

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