Dengue epidemic: Nearly 1280 suggestive cases estimated since mid-January in Saint-Martin!


Partly French, since the start of the epidemic - i.e. since mid-January - nearly 1280 clinically suggestive cases have been estimated and 321 biologically confirmed cases, 36% of which during the last month. The DENV-1 serotype is the majority, 78,6% of cases. A peak was observed in the last week of April with 38 biologically confirmed cases.

Otherwise, in the past 21 days, 25 cases of dengue fever have been reported on average per week.

Since the start of the epidemic, 79 emergency visits for suspected dengue fever have been recorded, 28 of which required hospitalization. 30% of emergency visits concern those under 15 years of age.

One person died of dengue fever in Guadeloupe where he had been transferred.

"Reminder bite": the right reflexes to adopt to eliminate mosquito larvae at home

- Eliminate places where water can stagnate: small rubbish, bulky items, green waste, etc. Used tires can be filled with soil if you do not want to throw them away.

- Change the water in the plants and flowers once a week or, if possible, remove the saucers from the flower pots, replace the water in the vases with wet sand.

- Cover the water tanks (water cans, cisterns, basins) with a mosquito net or a simple cloth.

- Eliminate the resting places of adult mosquitoes by clearing tall grass and hedges. Pick up fallen fruit and plant debris. Reduce sources of humidity (limit watering) and maintain the garden.

- Check gutters and rainwater manholes so that water does not stagnate.

How to protect yourself from bites?

- Apply anti-mosquito products to the skin, especially during the day: seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist before any use, especially with regard to children and pregnant women.

- Wear covering and loose clothing.

- Babies can sleep under an impregnated mosquito net.

- Use insecticide diffusers indoors and coils outdoors.

- If necessary, turn on the air conditioning: mosquitoes flee cool places

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